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commit 0130372531637aa9d275333176e7c77fbd1f4fd3
Author:     Aliaksandr Kalenik <>
AuthorDate: Tue Jul 2 16:11:36 2024 +0200
Commit:     Nico Weber <>
CommitDate: Wed Jul 3 10:06:51 2024 +0200

    LibWeb: Reschedule HTML event loop processing if navigable needs repaint
    This is an attempt to fix the hanging CI on macOS caused by some
    screenshot requests being stuck unprocessed. With this change, we at
    least make sure that the HTML event loop processing, which triggers
    repainting, will happen as long as there are navigables that need to be
    (cherry picked from commit 72b4d44d07e12cc04bde90872e2f31aaab64aa00)