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commit 96675e61cd22ee08503f80c76533fd5db83f26aa
Author:     Jelle Raaijmakers <>
AuthorDate: Tue Feb 13 00:16:49 2024 +0100
Commit:     Andreas Kling <>
CommitDate: Tue Feb 13 19:48:39 2024 +0100

    Kernel/TTY: Support non-blocking reads with termios VMIN == 0
    In a TTY's non-canonical mode, data availability can be configured by
    setting VMIN and VTIME to determine the minimum amount of bytes to read
    and the timeout between bytes, respectively. Some ports (such as SRB2)
    set VMIN to 0 which effectively makes reading a TTY such as stdin a
    non-blocking read. We didn't support this, causing ports to hang as soon
    as they try to read stdin without any data available.
    Add a very duct-tapey implementation for the case where VMIN == 0 by
    overwriting the TTY's description's blocking status; 3 FIXMEs are
    included to make sure we clean this up some day.