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commit bfe27228a317c138286bf8b60a8416ad3ae54e0b
Author:     Nico Weber <>
AuthorDate: Wed Nov 15 12:58:06 2023 -0500
Commit:     Sam Atkins <>
CommitDate: Fri Nov 17 22:32:40 2023 +0000

    LibPDF+LibGfx: Don't invert CMYK channels in JPEG data in PDFs
    This is a hack: Ideally we'd have a CMYK Bitmap pixel format,
    and we'd convert to rgb at blit time. Then we could also apply color
    profiles (which for CMYK images are CMYK-based).
    Also, the colors for our CMYK->RGB conversion are off for PDFs,
    and we have distinct codepaths for this in Gfx::Color (for paths)
    and JPEGs. So when we fix that, we'll have to fix it in two places.
    But this doesn't require a lot of code and it's a huge visual
    progression, so let's go with it for now.