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commit 80d6330a26f8c55a1bd38fd2f1388e50c0ae8977
Author:     Andreas Kling <>
AuthorDate: Wed May 17 19:47:16 2023 +0200
Commit:     Andreas Kling <>
CommitDate: Tue May 23 06:31:37 2023 +0200

    LibWeb: Don't create mutation record node lists if nobody is interested
    By deferring allocation of StaticNodeList objects until we know somebody
    actually wants the MutationRecord, we avoid a *lot* of allocation work.
    This shaves several seconds off of loading
    At least one other engine (WebKit) skips creating mutation records if
    nobody is interested, so even if this is observable somehow, we would
    at least match the behavior of a major engine.