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commit f7185dfa912fa0e0dae555c2d1d7fc013b50aba5
Author:     Liav A <>
AuthorDate: Sat May 20 21:59:08 2023 +0300
Commit:     Jelle Raaijmakers <>
CommitDate: Sat May 20 21:44:03 2023 +0200

    SystemServer: Print useful information when failing to drop privileges
    It occurred to me that when trying to running "pls pro SOME_URL" with a
    subsequent failure (which will be fixed in a future patch), that a small
    error message was printed to the debug log about "Failed to drop
    privileges (GID=0, UID=0)".
    To actually understand where it failed, I added the actual errno to
    printed message which helped me with further debugging, but this could
    easily help others in similar scenarios so let's print the actual error.