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commit 3cff36b7ab427e040c9cac80a41cde9cfa0ac75d
Author:     Nico Weber <>
AuthorDate: Sat Mar 11 20:12:37 2023 -0500
Commit:     Linus Groh <>
CommitDate: Sun Mar 12 01:48:56 2023 +0000

    Meta+CMake: Remove "image" ninja target in favor of "qemu-image"
    "image" was an alias for "qemu-image".
    I want to add an `image` userland utility, which clashes with that
    So remove the existing "image" target. It was just an alias for
    If you use to build, nothing changes. This only affects you
    if you run ninja manually -- you now have to say `ninja qemu-image` to
    build the disk image.