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commit afc055c088d800b505e1dbdb68f7a0f1b5a6af59
Author:     Linus Groh <>
AuthorDate: Wed Jan 18 17:41:12 2023 +0000
Commit:     Tim Flynn <>
CommitDate: Wed Jan 18 17:36:39 2023 -0500

    LibWeb: Convert the Location object to IDL
    This includes:
    - Moving it from Bindings/ to HTML/
    - Renaming it from LocationObject to Location
    - Removing the manual definitions of the constructor and prototype
    - Removing special handling of the Location interface from the bindings
    - Converting the JS_DEFINE_NATIVE_FUNCTIONs to regular functions
      returning DeprecatedString instead of PrimitiveString
    - Adding missing (no-op) setters for the various attributes, which are
      expected to exist by the bindings generator