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commit 1d846e559150e1ec90486760a8e09fced24b1d67
Author:     davidot <>
AuthorDate: Tue Sep 13 01:23:28 2022 +0200
Commit:     Tim Flynn <>
CommitDate: Mon Sep 12 20:14:58 2022 -0400

    LibWeb: Visit internal fields of Crypto in visit_edges
    Not visiting the field holding SubtleCrypto in Crypto caused subtle
    crashes all over the Value functions, due to accessing SubtleCrypto
    after it was garbage collected (and potentially replaced by a new cell).
    This meant that the crashes were only appearing in Value::to_boolean,
    Value::typeof, etc. Which then held pointer to things that looked like
    Shapes, Environments and other non-Object Cells.
    To find the actual cause, all pointer used to construct Values were
    checked and if a pointer was none of the allowed types, the backtrace
    is logged.
    Co-authored-by: Luke Wilde <>