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commit 9e39f51fd3ab7e59b4099ec89fa97653b69fb344
Author:     Andreas Kling <>
AuthorDate: Thu Sep 8 01:42:25 2022 +0200
Commit:     Andreas Kling <>
CommitDate: Thu Sep 8 01:42:25 2022 +0200

    LibWeb: Position blocks after previous block-level box, ignoring type
    Before this change, block-level boxes were laid out vertically by
    placing them after the nearest previous BlockContainer sibling. This
    only worked if the preceding block-level box happened to be a
    This fixes an issue where the screenshot on was not
    being laid out properly (it was `img { display: block }` which creates
    a block-level ImageBox, and ImageBox is not a BlockContainer but a
    ReplacedBox, so the following block-level box was skipping over the
    ImageBox and being placed next to whatever was before the ImageBox..)