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commit 1dc05fcc12d213bc82b4427d63fdec751c1f20ff
Author:     Linus Groh <>
AuthorDate: Thu Nov 10 19:19:53 2022 +0000
Commit:     Linus Groh <>
CommitDate: Thu Nov 10 21:23:00 2022 +0000

    LibIDL: Also handle anonymous union types in resolve_typedef()
    Even if the type doesn't have a name and won't yield a result when
    looking for it in interface.typedefs, we still need to look at each of
    the union's members and resolve those as well, in a similar fashion to
    how we already recursively resolve the replaced type.
    This is commonly used in function parameters, for example send() from
    the XMLHttpRequest interface:
    send(optional (Document or XMLHttpRequestBodyInit)? body = null)