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commit bc2ebcadc0eb695605051c9d362c3f5dc184c63c
Author:     Linus Groh <>
AuthorDate: Tue Oct 25 20:28:09 2022 +0100
Commit:     Linus Groh <>
CommitDate: Tue Oct 25 23:15:51 2022 +0100

    Everywhere: Require version >= 12 for GCC host compiler
    So far we've gotten away with using GCC 11 for Lagom and to compile the
    toolchain, but via #15795 we discovered a compiler bug that has been
    fixed in the latest version but would error the build with CI's GCC 11.
    Time for an upgrade :^)
    We already use ubuntu-22.04 images in most places, so this is pretty
    straightforward. The only exception is Idan's self-hosted runner, which
    uses Ubuntu Focal. LibJS should build fine with GCC 11, still.